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Friday, July 29, 2005

Some kinda ballgame.

In a game that lasted 10 minutes shy of 5 hours, it is the longest game, innings wise, for the Toronto Blue Jays. The third longest game in Angels history, this from, they also say the longest for the Blue Jays, so they must be sticking to innings wise.

There is lots of things that can be said about that game. First off, I only started watching in the 5th, and at that point the game was only an hour old! The score was still 0-0, and would remain so until the ninth. A pitchers duel was going on, between John Lackey, and Dave Bush, a couple of unlikely candidates, by name only anyway! This fact probably helped the game go on longer, since neither team had to go to the bullpen early. If the bullpen had been used earlier, it is hard to say if strategy would have changed, both teams still would have only used the appropriate pitcher for a certain amount of time. Assuming more pitchers would have been used, then, at the very least, as the game dragged on, managers would have to start using their second to last, or last pitchers for the long haul, or longer haul. Lackey pitched 8, and Bush pitched 8.1. Before Anaheim, rather, Los Angeles (still getting used to LA Angels!) scored one in the top of the ninth, I was thinking how if both starting pitchers went into extra innings, that would have been interesting! Not sure how often that has happened, but can't have been that many times.

With the game tied in the bottom of the ninth, and one out, Los Angeles went to a five man infield, bringing Chone Figgins in from left, to stop anything from getting into the outfield. Definitely interesting to see that defensive lineup! Chone Figgings had to run over to the dugout to get an infield glove! Aaron Hill, and Gregg Zaun both struck out to end the threat.

Three of four former Expos started the game, Orlando Cabrera, Maicer Izturis, and Juan Rivera, at SS, 3B, and RF, respectively, and Vladimir Guerrero pinch hit, but he was then intentionally walked. Juan Rivera came out of the game after he hit his triple in the ninth, and Jeff DaVanon pinch ran. He then took over in RF.

Had Toronto not tied the game, and L.A. won 1-0, the game would have lasted in the area of two hours! Which makes sense for a pitchers duel.

The official box score can be found here. If anyone reads this, and knows of a good way of copying and pasting, or somehow inserting MLB boxscores, leave a comment saying so! It would be appreciated! Probably rare that I'd actually want to insert it into a blog entry, but still.

Here is a link for game length records.

I may add more later, when it comes to me, as it is late now, and I must sleep! Just what the Angels are probably doing now in the plane, if not already landed in New York, on their ways to a proper hotel sleep!