One of the only baseball blogs (to my knowledge) in the blogosphere that focuses on the Montreal Expos. Okay, mostly baseball in general, however with Montreal Expos references to be found within!

Monday, June 06, 2005

AL at NL interleague play!

Lots of great games to watch as interleague play starts up again! Always fun watching pitchers bat, especially American League ones! Being here in Canada, There's always plenty of Blue Jays games, provided one has the channel owned by the same owner of the Blue Jays, or the other national sports network, although they have considerably less games. Regardless. Here's what I have to look forward to:
Tonight: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago Cubs 7:05PM CDT
Tomorrow: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago Cubs 7:05PM CDT
Wednesday: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago Cubs 1:20PM CDT &
Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals 6:10PM CDT
Thursday: Houston Astros at New York Mets 7:10PM EDT
Friday: Boston Red Sox at Chicago Cubs 1:20 CDT &
Toronto Blue Jays at Houston Astros 7:05PM CDT
Saturday: Boston Red Sox at Chicago Cubs 2:15 CDT &
Toronto Blue Jays at Houston Astros 6:05 CDT
Sunday: Boston Red Sox at Chicago Cubs 7:05 CDT

Thursday, a regular NL game, how boring! Just kidding! Will be interesting to see David Ortiz back at first. I imagine he'll have an off day or two in there, with 6 games in NL parks in 7 days. I wouldn't mind seeing Wakefield versus Morris tonight, but the Blus Jays at Wrigley will still be good! I'd also rather watch the Cubs than a Cards game, but it is all good anyway. Seeing all these Cubs games means I'll get to see ex Expo Michael Barrett in action again. Who of course got his start in Montreal! And for a trivia tidbit, before he was a Cub, he was an Athletic, for a mere one day, before being traded for Damian Miller!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


So I watched most of yesterday's game, on FOX. Anyway, when Orlando Cabrera came up the first time there was a decent amount of clapping, and slowly it grew to more, and many standing, but not all. So still a nice welcome back applause, but not quite as his first AB back.

Johnny Damon made a nice catch in the fourth, diving to catch Orlado Cabrera's line drive to left center. Diving right into the warning track! I think Johnny wasn't completely sure if it was the second or third out, as he looked like he was signaling to find out, then threw the ball into the green monsters seats since it was the third out. I don't mean anything by it, if that was even the case, he remains my favourite Red Sox player!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The first post.

Firstly, I am not a 'blog' fan, in fact I really don't care for them much at all, so why am I starting one? Well I figured I'd like to spill my thoughts, and if I were to do so on my webpage, which receives little to no hits because I rarely do anything with it (and have advertised it next to nada), no one would read what I wrote. So I thought I'd start a 'blog' or web log, where people may actually read said spilled thoughts.

So what is this web log or blog going to be about? Baseball! Reason being it is one of my passions, other being music, and if I were to have a general blog, it probably wouldn't do too well, and baseball fans would not be that interested. Baseball fans, and anyone else into baseball, being the people I imagine would be most interested in reading about baseball! Aside from spilling my thoughts on the subject I thought I'd like to collect them as well, that is to say if I think of something or other, I may want to reminisce about it in the future, and without it written down anywhere, it may just end up going back out the other ear.

So with that said, I think I shall begin. And see where this ends up!

So to clarify, I will mostly talk about major league baseball (MLB), but still may go into minor league baseball, and baseball in general. On with the show.

Alright, so today the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, formerly the Anaheim Angels, formerly the California Angels, and formerly the Los Angeles Angels, were back in Boston for the first time this season since being there in the post season last year. I'll avoid going into depth about my favourite team(s)/teams I like or dislike, and why, because that will come eventually. So with that said, as an Expo fan (still am, although now it is historically based), seeing the Angels play is worth it for the former Expos there now, and obviously as a baseball fan in general. In the 2003 post season I was rooting for the Red Sox, as I was in 2004.

So going back in time for a moment, with Orlando Cabrera a free agent at the end of the 2004 season, he was dealt to Boston in a four way deal (at the trade deadline) that saw the Red Sox give Nomar Garciaparra to the Chicago Cubs, Boston also acquired Doug Mientkiewicz from Minnesota, and Montreal acquired SS Alex Gonzalez, RHP Francis Beltran, and 3B Brendan Harris (played both 3B and 2B in Montreal, and is still young and doesn't have tons of MLB experience so safe to say he's an infielder, but only played 3B with the Cubs). The other two players involved that were obviously far from the center of attention were LHP Justin Jones, who went from the Cubs to the Twins, and OF Matt Murton who went from the Red Sox to the Cubs. Okay, so I put that in even though I really did not have to. Reason I did so was it falls under my second reason to start a blog, collecting my thoughts, and I like to be complete. With that said, the point was that Orlando Cabrera was returning to Boston as an Angel after having spent a fair chunk of time in Boston as their shortstop.

I should add, that Orlando Cabrera was a loyal Expo, he had nothing but good things to say about Montreal.

Of course Orlando is not the only former Expo on the Angels roster. Former Expos superstar Vladimir Guerrero was signed as a free agent by Anaheim (still Anaheim Angels then!) prior to the 2004 season. Also prior to the 2004 season, Jose Guillen was sent to the then official Washington team (not sure if the name was announced yet), in exchange for Juan Rivera, and Maicer Izturis. Rivera played in 134 games with Montreal, and Izturis in 33, he spent most of his time with triple A Edmonton. Bartolo Colon also spent some time with Montreal, in 2002.

So I realise that blog entries aren't normally this long, but since this is the first...

Both Vladimir Guerrero and Maicer Izturis are currently on the 15 day DL.

In the game however Orlando Cabrera was batting eighth, while Juan Rivera was batting seventh, as the DH.

So all in all it was a good game, Boston won 7-4!

It was a good game, but that one sentence isn't all that I wanted to write! I watched the vast majority of the game, and it was the NESN broadcast I was watching, up here in Canada. Since Vlad wasn't playing, I was most interested in seeing Orlando's first at bat back at Fenway after winning the World Series with Boston last year in St. Louis. Also to see Juan Rivera too. And again as a fan of baseball in general!

So first up in the top of the third, was Orlando Cabrera. He didn't get a chance at bat in the second because Juan Rivera grounded into a douple play. Anyway, as soon as his name was announced, everyone started clapping loudly, and right before that NESN filmed a sign that said Thank You Orlando, and they commented how there were many similar. The clapping almost right away turned into a standing ovation. So it was nice to see the former Expo get such warm applause. NESN commented how he was in Fenway yesterday, and that fellow ex Red Sox teammates missed him. They had a brief interview, and Orlando said how he loved his time in Boston, and will always remember it.

Orlando's first at bat was a ground out to his replacement, Edgar Renteria, who lost the World Series last year, Renteria did a 180 on his feet, and threw to first. His next at bat was a double, which was a few feet shy of a home run, hitting high off the green monster. At 3-2 Orlando was off, and Adam Kennedy hit a flare to left center, falling in front of Johnny Damon. Orlando made a nice base running play to check the pop up, and then keep running, and get home safely for the Angels go ahead run. Although NESN said how he was too far off second to get back in time if it was caught, which is true, so he may as well have kept going anyway. Still, if it were caught by Renteria with his back to second, then he possibly could have returned in time. Juan Rivera went 0-4 on the day.

I also watched about a third of he Blue Jays game, but am too tired to write anything about it. There wasn't anything much to write, or that I can recall. I am going to get some sleep, and get up for game two of The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Boston, on FOX. I am also too tired to proof read all of that!