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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do Michael Jordan, Terry Francona and Ozzie Guillen have in common?

In short, Terry Francona managed Michael Jordan during his brief baseball stint. Ozzie Guillen was with the White Sox, so he spent time with Michael Jordan during Spring Training.

Michael Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons during the 1994 season. He played in 127 games, posting a .202 BA with 51 RBI, 51 BB, 30 SB (out of 48). Struck out 114 times out of 436 AB. He played in 119 games in the OF, primarily in right (not sure if he played elsewhere in the OF). He made 11 errors, but also had 6 assists. And posted a .952 fielding percentage.

Michael Jordan's minor league statistics at Baseball Reference

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. Found the following article prior to starting writing this.
Jordan's effort a marvel 15 years later
Also included is a link to a Michael Jordan baseball photo gallery.

A video about the bus Michael Jordan got for the team, with Terry Francona in it. Includes game footage.

Harry Caray interviewing Michael Jordan, and Michael playing at Wrigley in a White Sox/Cubs exhibition game. Also includes game footage. I think that is perhaps the only time Cubs fans have cheered for a White Sox player!

Tom Brokaw interview with Michael Jordan for MSNBC News. Game footage included as well.