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Monday, February 13, 2006

Links aplenty!

Lots of new links can be found to the right!

I have added links to online newspapers, and their respective sections for their MLB team. The idea came to me while I was checking out one of the sites sections for their MLB team. I believe I was on the Miami Herald site for the Marlins, looking for new news about their possible future relocation. Anyway, for those people out there that are like me (maybe two or three!), they should enjoy all of the links. Seriously though, when the Expos were still around, and if they beat so and so, I'd like to see the local viewpoint on that loss. Also, generally reading about a team from the local perspective is of interest as well. Nowadays with the information superhighway as popular as it is, there is a wealth of information to be found, so that is also why I added the links. Many people probably wouldn't think of going to say to check out their viewpoint on the Royals. The next big player is probably there waiting to be traded, a la Johnny Damon, or Carlos Beltran. Also, many people are fans of more than one sport, so going to said, can also yield local information on the Kansas City Chiefs.

I also added a few general links, such as Field of Schemes, which is a good site to see status of future ballparks, as well as other places to get MLB stats, such as Yahoo. More links to come too!