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Monday, July 17, 2006

(Long time gone) Two more former Expos leave D.C.

I have not been following baseball like last year, and especially prior to that. Anyway, point being this blog is not dead. On with the show.

Two more former Expos have left the District of Columbia. The whole deal was as follows: the Nationals Acquired OF Austin Kearns, SS Felipe Lopez and RHP Ryan Wagner from the Cincinnati Reds, while the Reds received RHP Gary Majewski, LHP Bill Bray, INF Brendan Harris, SS Royce Clayton and RHP Daryl Thompson from the Nationals.

The former Expos in question would be Brendan Harris, and Gary Majewski. Combined they only had 36 games of experience with the big club, however they did don the Expos uniform. LHP Bill Bray was drafted 13th overall in 2004 by the Expos, however in 2004 he was with the Brevard County Manatees.

Since my last post, way back on April 16th, the Nationals reacquired Zach Day. He was dealt before the trade deadline last year, read about it from On July 13th, 2005, the Nationals acquired Preston Wilson from the Colorado Rockies for Zach Day, J.J. Davis and a player to be named later (PTBN) or cash. He was reacquired by being claimed off of waivers April 26th. Reason being the Nationals were in need of pitchers. He was taken out of rotation last year after turning his back on Frank Robinson when he came to the mound to replace him. He was then used as a reliever which he did not like. I'm sure both of those reasons caused him to be traded, and time heals all wounds, so Frobby wanted him back knowing he is a good pitcher. Since returning to D.C. he has started five games, one in April after being reacquired, and four in May. He left his last game started with shoulder soreness, and has not been back since. He was almost dealt May 31st of last year, but had to go on the DL with a fractured right wrist.

More former Expos that may go before the trade deadline include, Livan Hernandez, Tony Armas Jr., and Jose Vidro.