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Monday, April 16, 2007

Alive and Well!

It's been a long time. 2006 was the year I least followed baseball in quite a while, although I did enjoy watching the postseason. Reason being I was back into hockey after the lockout. Anyway, another year, more former Expos leave D.C.

The biggest deal being 2B Jose Vidro leaving for Seattle. He was traded for OF Chris Snelling and RHP Emiliano Fruto. Cash considerations also went to Seattle. This deal happened December 18th, 2006. Another deal worth noting is RHP Livan Hernandez going to Arizona in exchange for RHP Garrett Mock and LHP Matt Chico on August 7, 2006.

On October 3, 2006, RHP Zach Day, and LHP Joey Eischen were released. Zach Day signed a minor league contract with the Kansas City Royals on December 20, 2006. Joey Eischen also signed a minor league deal, however with the Detroit Tigers on January 25. Both were then assigned to minor league camp, March 28 and March 19 respectively.

On February 14, Tony Batista was invited to spring training, and signed a minor league deal, so he finds his way back to what used to be the Expos organisation. He was designated for assignment by the Twins not even halfway through the season last year, on June 14, and released on the 19th.

So far with the Omaha Royals, Zach day has started twice, pitching 1.2 innings, then 3. Both times walking 3 batters, and allowing one run each start. The one hit in his first start was a triple, he also got a strikeout in that start. In his second start he gave up 2 hits. Joey Eischen is on the disabled list (DL) with the Toledo Mud Hens, so he has not played yet.

Players that remain with the organisation, on the 40-Man roster, that were with the Expos include RHP Luis Ayala, RHP Chad Cordero, RHP Shawn Hill, RHP John Patterson, RHP Jon Rauch, C Brian Schneider, 1B Larry Broadway (only in the minors), 1B Nick Johnson, and OF (RF to be specific) Ryan Church.

So stay tuned to this blog, as I plan on posting a little more frequently than twice a year! Feel free to add this blog to your RSS reader!