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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mariano Rivera save number 500. (Finally a new entry!)

I managed to catch Mariano Rivera's 500th save. By accident really, well, sort of. I went to see if the game was still on, and I tuned in right around the start of the top of the ninth, with the Yankees up 3-2.

Of course it was his 500th save overall, and his 18th of this year. At the time of the save, he was 71 behind Trevor Hoffman who had 571 saves. As of this writing, Mariano has 502, while Trevor has 572.

The next closest in saves is Billy Wagner with 385, and Troy Percival with 358.

So each player with their age, and a bit more:

Saves Age (Birth) MLB Debut SV %
Trevor Hoffman 572 41 (13 October 1967) 6 April 1993 .9346
Mariano Rivera 502 39 (29 November 1969) 23 May 1995 .9211
Billy Wagner 385 37 (25 July 1971) 13 September 1995 .8912
Troy Percival 358 39 (9 August 1969) 26 April 1995 .8972

The save situation itself was not interesting, but the fact it was an interleague game made it interesting.

Johnny Damon lined out to right to make the second out. Jeter was up next. In the dugout, Rivera was shown with a batting helmet on, then he had it off. Francisco Cervelli was then on the on deck circle, apparently trying to bluff the Mets, to get them to pitch to Jeter. Mariano was due up after Jeter for sure, as they were not going to take him out for a pinch hitter. They (Francisco Rodriguez) pitched one called strike, before pitching two balls, and then intentionally walking Jeter. Mariano earned his first career RBI, driving in Melky Cabrera with a base on balls. He took one good hack, fouling a 2-2 pitch. The next two pitches were balls for the walk.