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Friday, January 08, 2010

Polo Grounds in MLB 10 The Show!

I just read that MLB 10 The Show will feature Polo Grounds!

As I finally have a PS3, I can catch up on baseball gaming (and gaming in general).

I quite enjoyed MVP Baseball 2004 and 2005. I played them both on my PC. I still have them installed, 2004 being the final year of the Expos! So I have the ongoing career mode with the Expos! MVP Baseball 2005 was the last MLB baseball game EA made (they made a couple NCAA baseball games afterwards).

Both of the MVP games had Polo Grounds in them. I liked playing in Polo Ground for its irregular shape. The Polo Grounds that are most referred to is Polo Grounds III, and IV. They are the same field, but a fire caused III to be rebuilt somewhat to become IV.

The 1923 Polo Grounds dimensions were 279 to the left field foul pole, 258 to the right field foul pole (compared to Yankee Stadium which is 318/314 respectively). Heck, I may have been able to hit a home run in there! Straightaway center field was 483!! It was more or less a horseshoe shape, with a super deep outfield, and an insanely deep straightaway center! Diagram thanks to Clem's Baseball.

I played a demo of MLB 09 The Show, and it almost seems like too much! I think it is a good thing though, it will just take some getting used to, and practise. I have played MLB (The 2005 version with Vladimir Guerrero on the cover!) and MLB 08 on PSP, however not quite the same. I may pick up 09 to get ready for 10. Regardless, I look forward to playing in Polo Grounds (among others) again! And hopefully playing online against some readers of this blog too!

It is set to be released March 2nd with Joe Mauer on the cover.