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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Game 3 Hero (Geoff Blum) Started in Montreal

As I write this now, game 4 remains scoreless. However, thanks to Geoff Blum, the hero from game 3, the White Sox have essentially guaranteed a World Series win.

Geoff Blum came in as a defensive substitution for Tadahito Iguchi in the bottom of the 13th. So with two out, Jermaine Dye singled, and Paul Konerko grounded into a 543 double play, Geoff Blum lined one out of Minute Maid Park in a hurry, and gave the White Sox a lead in the top of the 14th. What all the play by play people, FOX, the international feed, and journalists, would have mentioned, was that he was in San Diego this year before becoming a member of the White Sox, of course that he was an Astro as well, and went to Tampa Bay for game 4 starter, Brandon Backe, but more than likely, unless they went in depth, which I doubt in most cases, is that he started his career as a Montreal Expo. Of course it was also mentioned his first WS at bat was that one. His first postseason AB he popped out 2B Tony Graffanino, and stayed in the game at first base as a defensive substitution for Paul Konerko. Geoff Blum was selected in the 7th round of the free-agent draft, on June 2, 1994.

Two other former Expos made their 2005 postseason debuts last night, C Chris Widger, and RHP Dustin Hermanson. Chris Widger started in Seattle, but spent the most of his time in Montreal. He was traded with Trey Moore and Matt Wagner, in exchange for Jeff Fassero and Alex Pacheco, October 29th, 1996. Dustin Hermanson started in San Diego (originally selected by Pittsburgh in 1991, but did not sign), selected in the first round, 3rd overall in 1994, and found his way to Florida, November 21, 1996, and then along with Joe Orsulak went to Montreal, in exchange for Cliff Floyd.

All three were Montreal Expos together for a short time, in 1999 and 2000. However before that, Dustin Hermanson and Chris Widger were teammates from 1997 until 2000.

Dustin Hermanson was credited with the blown save last night, however in the end it did not matter. After allowing a game tying double to Jason Lane, he got Brad Ausmus out on strikes. Chris Widger struck out at his first at bat, but his next two he drew walks, the latter giving him an RBI, and an insurance run for the White Sox, their 7th, making it 7-5.

Orlando Hernandez made his 2005 WS debut last night as well, but that isn't too exciting as I have mentioned he had zero games played as an Expo, but he was an Expo, along with his brother Livan! Oh, and time wise, it was the longest World Series game ever, (tied innings wise, 14) and it broke a few other records! Alright, a few include walks by a team, Houston, overall walks, pitchers used by one team, Chicago, total pitchers used, total players used, and total LOB. That is what I remember.

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