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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Johnny Damon, New York Yankee

Enough time has passed, so I should probably post once again! I have been meaning to for a while now. Anyway...

The big news is that Johnny Damon, probably the biggest name on the free agent market this offseason, is now officially a New York Yankee. Without a doubt, a shot was heard 'round the world in Red Sox Nation. Upon briefly checking out their MLB forum, there was plenty of disgust to go around, since he signed with THE rival team. So when his first at bat in Fenway rolls around next year, I'm sure the boos will outweigh the cheers. Cheers coming from the people who are nice enough to thank him for his service as a Red Sock. Cheers Orlando Cabrera received plenty of, as a member of a non rival team.

Personally I would have preferred seeing him go to another team, but it really doesn't make a difference to me, as I am not a hardcore Red Sox fan. And he was my favourite Red Sock, due to his quirky personality (not his hair, heck no! Which is now much better clean cut, even if that was in recent years his identity), also his batting stance is quite similar to mine. One quote of his which stuck, was "I'm gaining weight the right way: drinking beer". Although I rarely drink, it is good to know some aren't using 'roids. Damon had been alleged, but when he was on Conan he said he was fully grown into a mans body by age 15, or thereabouts. This I believe also was in his book.

So these days are definitely not like those of yesteryear, where money wasn't as big an issue. I'm sure it was even going back many decades, but not in the same way as today at all. I'm one hundred percent sure Red Sox fans would have preferred to see him as a Dodger, even if that was just no more than a rumour, or anywhere else for that matter. I remember hearing at some point in the 2005 season how someone said George Steinbrenner likes Johnny Damon, so it comes as no surprise. I believe now the Yankees will have a better shot at a WS title, however, more likely, the Blue Jays, and Orioles, maybe even the Devil Rays (!!!) will have a better shot at the wildcard in 2006.

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The first two are New York Times, and Boston Globe articles announcing the trade, as being official, next is a good read about NYY centerfielders. Finally Johnny Damon's article at Wikipedia. If it is needed to register to view either of the first three articles, I recommend BugMeNot

My next post in the upcoming days will be about former Expos that are no longer in Washington. Most recently of note, Brad Wilkerson.

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