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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Major League Baseball Local Coverage (updated)

So I got around to updating, and slightly adding to the local coverage links section. Thought I'd post all the links in their own post. So here are all the links. If there are any mistakes, or anything to add, post a comment.

Arizona Diamondbacks - (Arizona Daily Star)
Arizona Diamondbacks - East Valley Tribune
Atlanta Braves - Atlanta Journal- Constitution
Baltimore Orioles - (The Sun)
Baltimore Orioles - Washington Post
Boston Red Sox - (The Boston Globe)
Boston Red Sox - Boston Herald
Chicago Cubs - Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Cubs - Chicago Tribune via
Chicago Cubs - Chicago Tribune
Chicago White Sox - Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago White Sox - Chicago Tribune
Cincinnati Reds - (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Cincinnati Reds - The Kentucky Post (online only)
Cleveland Indians - (The Plain Dealer)
Cleveland Indians -
Colorado Rockies - The Denver Post
Colorado Rockies - Rocky Mountain News
Detroit Tigers - Detroit Free Press
Detroit Tigers - The Detroit News
Florida Marlins -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros - Houston Chronicle
Kansas City Royal - (The Kansas City Star)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - L.A. Times
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- LA Daily News
Los Angeles Dodgers - L.A. Times
Los Angeles Dodgers - LA Daily News
Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Minnesota Twins - Star Tribune
New York Mets - New York Times
New York Mets - New York Post
New York Yankees - New York Times
New York Yankees - New York Post
Oakland Athletics - San Jose Mercury News
Oakland Athletics - (San Francisco Chronicle)
Oakland Athletics - Inside Bay Area (The Oakland Tribune)
Philadelphia Phillies - (Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer)
Pittsburgh Pirates - Pittsburgh Tribune- Review
Pittsburgh Pirates - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
San Diego Padres - (Union Tribune)
San Diego Padres - North County Times
San Francisco Giants - San Jose Mercury News
San Francisco Giants - (San Francisco Chronicle)
San Francisco Giants - Inside Bay Area (The Oakland Tribune)
Seattle Mariners - The Seattle Times
Seattle Mariners - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
St. Louis Cardinals - (St.Louis Post-Dispatch)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays - (St. Petersburg Times)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Tampa Bay Online (The Tampa Tribune)
Texas Rangers - (The Dallas Morning News)
Toronto Blue Jays - Toronto Star
Toronto Blue Jays - Toronto Sun
Toronto Blue Jays - The Globe and Mail
Washington Nationals - Washington Post

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