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Monday, April 21, 2008

A couple updates (or three)

Jason Kendall also bats bare handed, I thought I saw an old articles where he started wearing gloves, but if he did, he isn't now with the Brewers. Also, Gregg Zaun now has one batting glove, on his bottom hand on the bat. He is a switch hitter, so that could be either hand, right hand batting left, or left hand when batting right.

Frank 'The Tank' Thomas, as they called him in Toronto has been released from the Jays on April 22nd, only to be picked up by the A's two days later. The Jays bigwigs didn't feel like they could afford waiting for him to get out of his slow start in the AL East. They will fill his spot from within. Adam Lind should be in the lineup once his strained neck gets better. The A's are in rebuilding mode, but with their good start to the season, they still plan on making a run for the postseason.

Other players released this month include the Giants releasing LHP Steve Kline, and the Reds releasing LHP Mike Stanton.

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