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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kudos to Justin Morneau, hats off to Josh Hamilton

Justin Morneau, the Canadian, won the 2008 Home Run Derby. He more than likely won thanks to conserving his energy, or not being as powerful, and/or dialed in as Josh Hamilton. Regardless, he is deserving of his win, as Hamilton would have been as well.

We all know Josh Hamilton's story, and if not, it can easily be found, especially now. He sure put on a clinic in the first round, hitting 28 long, long, long balls! His second round was a mere 4 homers to stay loose, walking away after 4 or so outs (for once I am not bothering to fact check this blog entry, just going off the top of my head!). Maybe he should have skipped the second round altogether as he didn't need it to advance to the finals. Regardless, he, and Justin Morneau are now part of Yankee Stadium history.

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