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Saturday, October 11, 2008

On with the LCS

The League Championship Series have already started.

Not much to say about the League Division Series. The Cubs are out again, the Brewers went down quickly, the Angels are out again unfortunately, and so on.

My most interesting game was the Angels finally beating the Red Sox in game 3 in 12 innings. Not to mention having the chance to tie the series in game four in the top of the ninth, when a suicide squeeze went wrong with one out. I was thinking with one out to try and get the run in on a base hit, or even wild pitch, etc., but apparently not what Mike Scosia was thinking.

My highlight play, or moment was from game 3 of Tampa at Chicago when someone bunted, or hit a single down the line, it was fielded by the pitcher, who held on to the ball as the runner mowed into the pitcher. The out was made, but when they got up, or one them, the Tampa player gave the clenched fist touch thingy with the pitcher. So it was nice to see good sportsmanship. They obviously compete, and want to win and all, but do not want to hurt eachother.

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