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Friday, May 22, 2009

Head to Head Interleague records for upcoming interleague 2009 series

Only one non interleague game today, Cubs at Padres. (Nice blog title eh! Alright, maybe not, coulda gone more Colbert on it.)

As for the others, I'll start with AL @ NL, as it is always interesting to see AL pitchers bat.

Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals. Not counting the Expos, Baltimore is 8-10 vs Washinton. Counting the Expos, they are 14-19. Therefore the Orioles are 6-10 against Montreal.

Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds. Cleveland leads 30-27 against Cincinnati (14-13 in Cincinati).

Tampa Bay Rays @ Florida Marlins. Tampa trails 26-35 against Florida (12-20 in Florida).

Toronto Blue Jays @ Atlanta Braves. Toronto leads 14-7 against Atlanta (6-3 in Atlanta).

Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros. Texas trails 23-25 against Houston (11-13 in Houston).

Kansas City Royals @ St. Louis Cardinals. Kansas City trails 23-28 (11-10 in St. Louis).

Los Angeles Angels @ Los Angeles Dodgers. Los Angeles Angels lead 38-30 against the Los Angeles Dodgers (15-19 at Los Angeles Dodgers).


Colorado Rockies @ Detroit Tigers. Colorado leads 9-6 against Detroit (2-4 in Detroit)

Philadelphia Philles @ New York Yankees. Philadelphia trails 8-10 against New York (1-5 in New York).

New York Mets @ Boston Red Sox. New York trails 8-10 against Boston (3-6 in Boston).

Milwaukee Brewers @ Minnesota Twins. All time, Milwaukee trails 203-214 (94-114 in Minnesota). Interleague, Milwaukee trails 23-29 (10-16 in Minnestoa).

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago White Sox. Pittsburgh trails 8-12 against Chicago (2-7 in Chicago).

Arizona Diamondbacks @ Oakland Athletics. Arizona trails 8-10 against Oakland (5-4 in Oakland).

San Francisco Giants @ Seattle Mariners. San Francisco trails 9-10 against Seattle (4-7 in Seattle).

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