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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm pictured on!

Okay, maybe not exactly, but close enough! I am on the photo page for the April 14 Jays game against the White Sox.

Apparently that game was a record low for attendance at a Jays game in SkyDome (I still call it that, not Rogers Centre!). The announced attendance was 10,610, however it felt more like an Expos game when they were in their lame duck years. Based on memory, I'd say no more than 8000.

Without further ado, the image, and url still there, so you can (probably not bother) see for yourselves! I'm in about the sixth row with a red hat (follow Brandon Morrow's glove through the umpire's head).

And yes, I got a couple of foul balls, and gave one away.

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