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Monday, March 16, 2009

Baseball pictures

So, for lack of a better post, not actually saying this is a bad post though, I thought I'd post something underrated. As the title states, that would be baseball pictures.

I enjoy checking out still images, as it gives a different prospective than video, and also in many cases stuff not often seen in video. has plenty of pics, unfortunately they are not too easily browsed. One can go to the gallery page on, and see recent pics, but to see pics from farther back requires a bit more digging and/or clicking though the flash menus.

So I'll post some links to the sections where pics can be found.

March 14 spring training pictures. From that page you can get to other spring training daily galleries.

For an example of some things not scene in video, check out picture four from this set. It offers a glimpse into photo day, players lining up for their media photograph. Speaking of that, I read a good post over at Uni Watch, the aptly titled, "Okay, Everyone Say, ‘High Cheese…’".

Picture three in this set, from February 14, A.J. Burnett with his new club throwing a bullpen session.

Phillies specific galleries. Newest set is March 11, guess I'll find out if it will update without changing the url with newer galleries. I linked to this one as the first pic is Shane Victorino, and Jimmy Rollins in WBC USA attire before facing the Phillies in an exhibition game March 5 (the US won 9-6). Also in there is Jeter.

And, World Baseball Classic pictures.

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