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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Warming up for the World Baseball Classic

Plenty of interesting exhibition games currently going on in Florida, and a few in Arizona.

Tuesday I did not work so I could watch Canada face the Blue Jays. I watched most until I dosed off during it, until the very very end. It looked pretty sweet, however the announcers said it was only in the 50s Fahrenheit, or between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Canada won 6-4. Matt Stairs received an ovation from the Dunedin crowd. Today the Blue Jays won in a walk off win against Team USA, while Canada lost to the Phillies 6-5. Surely Matt Stairs would have received another ovation at Bright House Field, spring training home of the Phillies in Clearwater, FL. I'll have some highlights to watch (nuts to the NHL trade deadline!).

On Tuesday the Dominican Republic creamed the Florida Marlins 10-1. The Netherlands had a close game against Pittsburgh, losing 5-4. Also a close game for Puerto Rico, losing 3-2 against Minnesota. The United States beat the Yankees 6-5. All these scores and more.

Today, Italy beat Florida this time, but by the score of 5-1. Panama beat Detroit 9-3. Cincinnati beat the Netherlands 5-4 in 10. Mexico lit up Arizona, beating them 19-4! Puerto Rico beat Tampa Bay 2-1, and Australia beat Seattle 11-9. Again, however Wednesday's results.

Today, Canada plays the Yankees, and USA plays the Phillies. Despite the fact the MLB clubs are the spring training clubs, so they have many minor leaguers, looks like the World Baseball Classic should prove to be interesting. Today's schedule, and eventually results.

I'll be heading to Toronto for the first three games at Skydome (yup!). Canada vs the US, Italy vs Venezuela, and game one winner vs game two winner.

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