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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last WBC post till 2013

Well maybe not, but last one directly related to the World Baseball Classic for a while.

I think I have pretty much said all I have had to say, this post is mainly to show a few pictures I took.

My next post should be with pictures from the Toronto Detroit series.

The picture above is the first game, once the Canadian team had been announced, and soon the Americans. The next one is a panoramic shot while Team USA is being announced.

The final one is one from the rafters, well, pretty much.

This is an action shot, it is Cesar Izturis taking a pitch quite inside in the bottom of the third.

Finally, I managed to snag a ball during BP of the USA Venezuela game. It has a marker through the 2009, I imagine to signify it is a BP ball. Missing from the picture is the customary Rawlings logo as seen on official MLB balls, but in the matching gold colour. I would say I like trying to get BP balls, but I am not quite as fanatical as Zack Hample!

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