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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Livan Hernandez commences first game at Citi Field

It was still Spring Training, but former Expo ace Livan Hernandez started the first game at Citi Field. Jacoby Ellsbury was the first batter Livan faced. Livan:


Useful tidbit of information:

I was looking up pitcher's performance at the plate (since Livan has been known to homer on occasion), and Micah Owings, who I never heard of prior has a .319 average in 116 AB. He won the NL Silver Slugger in 2007. Not far behind is Adam Wainwright batting .289 in 128 AB.

Random tidbit of useless information:

Johnny Damon was taking pictures from the top of the dugout around the bottom of the eighth at new Yankeee Stadium.

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