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Friday, September 25, 2009

Postseason Predictions 2009

Not sure exactly how often, perhaps a couple times, I gave some postseason predictions on here. Not sure if I ever did a full post dedicated to it, close to one if not, anyway, here it is for 2009!

I would have started with the NL East, but since Montreal does not have a team, I'll go AL East.

Well obviously New York will be facing Boston in the ALCS, Yankees with the home field advantage. Prediction, Yankees in four.

The Angels will host the start of the other ALCS, however it will be against either Detroit or Minnesota (3GB). Both with 10 games to play. I predict Minnesota will make it, only to lose to the Angels in five.

Now the National League.

Looks like the three current division leaders will be in, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. Atlanta and Florida will require a miracle to make it in, as they are 7 and 7.5 GB respectively. In the NL West, Colorado has a fighting chance only 6GB with 9 games to play. That is of course for the division.

The NL wildcard will be most likely Colorado, however Atlanta and Florida are not far behind, 3.5 and 4 GB respectively.


Philadelphia 89 - 63 .586
St. Louis 89 - 64 .582
Los Angeles 92 - 61 .601

With the above in mind home field advantages need sorting out in the coming days. I have not been following baseball much since the All Star Break, but I'll guess Los Angeles and Philadelphia for home field advantage. So I'll guess Colorado at Los Angeles, and St. Louis at Philadelphia for the NLDS. No point in guessing the outcomes, as I am less familiar with the NL thanks to the over coverage of the AL East around here.

Schedules as of this moment can be found here. Also, posted below, mostly for my own easy reference, and since they are inevitably going to change somewhat, I like to compare said changes.

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