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Sunday, October 04, 2009

AL Central, Detroit or Minnesota?

I have been closely watching the AL Central race, as I predicted Minnesota would make it into the postseason.

They went 2-2 in a crucial four game series in Detroit from September 29 to October 1. It would have been September 28 to October 1, but the first game was postponed due to rain, and made up as a double header the next day.

I said crucial, as going into that series they were 2 GB. Had they lost 3, and won only won, they would have been 4 games back going into their final series hosting the Royals. A three game series, therefore impossible to gain 3 games, as the Tigers also had a final three game set. Therefore they had to win at least two. Winning only two meant leaving the series as they went in, 2 GB. If they won 3 out of four, they would have been tied for the division lead, or swept, they would have been 2 games ahead of the Tigers.

As I said, they indeed went 2-2, winning the final game of the series, a must win, 8-3.

So obviously, they had to win at least two of their final series, while Detroit would have to lose at least two. So far that is exactly what has happened, and they are now tied atop the AL Central with a game each to play. It is pretty much part one of a playoff, if one wins, and the other loses, said winner goes to the postseason to play the Yankees. Both win, or both lose, a one game tie breaker between them.

Pitching matchups are as follows:

John Danks, LHP (13-10, 3.69) @ Justin Verlander, RHP (18-9, 3.45).


Luke Hochevar, RHP (7-12, 6.24) @ Carl Pavano (former Montreal Expo of course, starting his MLB playing career with the Expos.), RHP (13-12, 5.07).

I was rooting for the Twins, as they are generally a good team with not a huge payroll. Also they were almost contracted along with the Expos. I still generally am, however Detroit and Detroit residents have been, and are going through hard times. The cover article in Sports Illustrated describes it well. I also have some family history in Detroit. So whoever wins, wins. And hopefully they'll beat the Yankees, as the same goes for the Angels beating the Red Sox, therefore setting up a Twins/Tigers @ L.A. ALCS.

Exciting finish on tap for regular season

Twins close dome with must-win game

The rest of the postseason matchups: Boston at Los Angeles. St. Louis at Los Angeles, and Colorado at Philadelphia.

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