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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Twins win!

Well, that was some kinda ballgame. It felt like a game 7 of the World Series practically!

I watched from the third inning on. I essentially turned on just before Detroit got on the board. The TBS announcers said how it is important to get a shut down inning after having scored runs. Well, that almost happened, if not for the Rick Porcello throwing error.

An inning after Jason Kubel homered to cut the Detroit lead to 1, one of the TBS announcers said how Orlando Cabrera (former Expo of course) tends to get the big hits that matter. Lo and behold, two run go ahead home run! Which possibly could have been caught by Ryan Raburn had he had his glove in the right spot. Soon after in the next half inning, the other Cabrera, Miguel, tied it up. That sent it to extras.

In the bottom of the ninth, Minnesota were 180 feet away from the win, but it did not work out. Top 10, the Tigers go ahead by one run on a Brandon Inge double.

The Togers may very well have won the game had Ryan Raburn not over committed, and let the fly ball drop in front of him, allowing Michael Cuddyer only to single. instead he eventually scored on what was a triple. Raburn made up for his mistake by throwing out what would have been the winning run for the Twins. Alexi Casilla did not tag very well, as he had to hustle back to third to tag, and then go. He was out by what looked like no more than a half foot, maybe even less.

After a quiet 11th, the Twins got into trouble in the 12th. Miguel Cabrera walked. He then made it to third, and Don Kelly to second as Delmon Young tried throwing to third, allowing Kelly to make it to second. A poor decision, but an easy mistake to make in the heat of the moment (I think that is the wording I am looking for). Ryan Raburn was intentionally walked to load the bases, obviously, as first was open, to have the double play in order.

Nick Punto made a nice play on a throw hom to get the force out for out number two on a Brandon Inge semi chopper.

Speaking of good plays, the Twins managed to get out of a jam in the top of the ninth when Magglio Ordonez lined into a DP. Orlando Cabrera threw to first to double up Curtis Granderson.

A little before the Twins got out of the 12th inning bases loaded with only one out jam, the announcers said if the Twins got out of this... the other completed, it would be destiny for them to win. So the wording is not exact, but you get the idea.

It was a non play at home when Alexi Casilla singled to bring in Carlos Gomez to win the game. He made up for his tagging mistake, if you can even call it that.

All in all, quite a game. I think we'll have to wait for a little later on for a game that exciting in the postseason, but you never know!

Kudos to Fernando Rodney for going 3IP. Maybe he should have been replaced after 2IP. He was initially blowing the fastballs in the high 90's, then he slowed to more changeups after 2IP. With all the pitching changes Ron Gardenhire made, perhaps Jim Leyland could have matched him. Especially since Minnesota starter Scott Baker went 6IP, and Rick Porcello went 5.2. Anyway, the Twins play the Yankees later today.

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