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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Montreal Expos exposition

Another better late than never post.

So as the post states, if you are living in Montreal, you should head over to Sub-V (5666 Sherbrooke W.), as Denis Raby, Expo fan way longer than me, yet about the same age, created some interesting "wood burnings of 17 Expos stars". They are surprisingly well done, it was not apparent from a print image.

I was there for the vernissage when it opened, and met Denis, along with a fellow Montreal blogger, who has his blog Truth of a Liar, over at, you guessed it He was snapping pictures, and although I took some, I am wagering his probably turned out better. Check out his blog post about the event: Expo Des EXPOS. Also read a brief article from the October 1st edition of the Montreal Mirror here, just scroll down to the second article.

The exhibit will be there until Hallowe'en.

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