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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Postseason 2009 Highlights

With baseball over for another year, Major League Baseball anyway, might as well post a few postseason highlights.

First one that comes to my mind is a play Willy Aybar made against the Yankees, on a high chopper, making the out bare handed to first base, a great play. I could not find the video highlight.

Tonight, Pedro made a very nice play on what I believe was a check swing ground ball down to third. Charging, Pedro Feliz barehanded got the out at first.

All right, so that is it, at least off the top of my head. A couple highlights anyway.

The Arizona Fall League (2009 schedule in pdf) continues. The Arizona Fall League top prospects face off in their 'all-star Game' Saturday at 6:15 MST. It can be seen on MLB Network, which streams for free on

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