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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Agent Frenzy/Hot Stove Report

Quite a number of interesting free agents this off season. At least in my opinion.

From the unfortunate World Series champions, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are free agents. Apparently only one witll stay. From what I understand Johnny Damon had a good year with the Yankees. I have liked him since the 2004 Red Sox, I also like Johnny as I base my batting stance somewhat off his! So I would not mind seeing him as a Blue Jay (note: I no longer root for the Red Sox, I was happy to see them beat the Yankees, etc, but now I root against the like the Yankees). Not sure how likely that would be though. They did sign Millar, however he is quite a different player.

I just found out Vladimir Guerrero is a free agent. If the Jays are to compete, again, I would not mind seing him a Jay, however again, I don't think it is too likely.

Jason Bay is a free agent, and he would be a nice fit in Toronto, being Canadian, not to mention leaving the Red Sox as well.

Speaking of Toronto, it should prove interesting to see the direction they go in. Rod Barajas is a type B free agent, and Michael Barrett has already been released as a minor league free agent. Seems like a good chance that Barajas may return.

The Jays claimed 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir off waivers, so I don't type A free agent think Marco Scutaro will return.

In the NL, some interesting free agents include Matt Holliday, Pedro Martinez, former Blue Jays Carlos Delgado and Orlando Hudson, and Rick Ankiel.

Not quite Hot Stove worthy, but looks like Roy Halladay will be on the move, surprise surprise, looks like it could be to the Yankees or Red Sox. I am leaning toward the Yankees, as then he would be reunited with Burnett again. I'm sure that will not help his fan club, at least those not too fond of the Yankees, as the case would have been for Johnny Damon.

Speaking of Hot Stove, looks like the term is actually "Hot Stove League", and it did indeed come from a stove that is hot from the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. Since baseball is played during warm months, seems people gathered around a hot stove to discuss baseball.

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