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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andre Dawson, Hall of Famer

Andre Dawson was about halfway through his time with the Expos when I was just being born in 1980. Point being, he was playing long before I started following baseball as much as I do now. However from what I have learned, and what his peers have said, he is more than a eligible to find his way into the Hall.

Even though by edict of the Hall he'll be the second player -- following Gary Carter -- to enter wearing a Montreal Expos cap.

It seems he wanted to wear a Cubs hat, but the Hall makes the decision, and chose Expos. I feel that is the correct call, as an Expos fan, and baseball fan. If he started off for 10 years in Chicago, then he should wear the Cubs hat.

Plenty more coverage to check, and video to watch:

Baseball Hall of Fame Andre Dawson holding his jersey pictured now.

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