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Thursday, July 01, 2010

R.I.P. José Lima

I was in Quebec City at the time. Away from most modern technology we take for granted today. Television was accessible at the time. I was able to see some of the Boston Philadelphia game. I noticed Big Papi David Ortiz had a RIP José on his hat. José Lima was the only person I could think of, but thought he was too young.

I later found out it was indeed him. I did not know him personally, however as batting practise is part of my religion, I caught the Royals in Toronto in 2005, when he was with the Royals. Since pitchers in the American League do not have to worry about hitting, I imagine they rarely take batting practise, so they hang out in the outfield.

José Lima was among those in the outfield at the time. He was goofing around with fans, in other words very fan friendly. Some fan dropped his sunglasses onto the playing field, and José retrieved them, being the fun guy he is, he tried them on. I'm sure the fan must have got them back eventually. Anyway, just from that it was easy to tell he would be a well liked guy. Of course anyone that follows baseball enough to know him, knows he is that kind of guy.

So it's too bad to see him go. Baseball lost a good guy.

R.I.P. José Lima (1972 – 2010)

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