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Thursday, August 04, 2005

4 of 9

Okay, so a lot more can be said about the long Blue Jays game, such as length of time position players played for, the home plate umpire calling an awful lot of pitches, but now that a fair amount of time has passed I'll leave it at that, and go a little further back in time! Notice how I said Blue Jays, and not just Jays, as that is how they are more commonly referred to now, in their second season of the new uniform style, and logo.

So, going back to July 26th, the first game the Los Angeles Angels played in Toronto, in that lineup, four of nine starters were former Expos in the last two years! Three as of last year! Superstar Vladimir Guerrero being the one that goes back two years. The other three former Expos as of last year were, in order that L.A. received them, Juan Rivera and Maicer Izturis (same deal which sent Jose Guillen to Montreal/Washington, more later...), and Orlando Cabrera. I say Montreal/Washington, because it was official that they were heading to DC, there was a period of time when they ceased DC operations of the team, although I definitely could not have seen Bud letting Montreal have them again! Orlando Cabrera was signed as a free agent, as was Vlad, almost a year earlier.

Unregardless (as Homer said in "Weekend At Burnsies"), Vlad was batting third, in RF of course, Juan Rivera was batting sixth, in LF, both with cannons for arms, Orlando Cabrera was batting seventh, and Maicer Izturis was batting ninth, SS, and 3B respectively. Orlando Cabrera being a great shortstop, as is Maicer, although he has been mostly playing third, but almost the same amount of games played at short. Although he has started more games, as of this typing, at short. Orlando Cabrera has the second best fielding percentage in the majors (as of right now as well)! Second to Omar Vizquel.

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