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Monday, August 15, 2005

Pedro's near no hitter.

So, in his first trip back to Dodger Stadium in eight years, last time being as an Expos, Pedro almost had a no hitter.

In the bottom of the eighth, after retiring Ricky Ledee, Antonio Perez tripled to break up the no hitter. Gerald Williams could not make the catch, but he isn't to blame, as it would have been very hard to get, as it hit off the wall about halfway up. Had he caught it, it would have been a highlight reel catch. Next batter, Jayson Werth homered. So Pedro got stuck with the loss despite allowing a mere two hits, and one walk. So his pitching line ended as follows: Martinez (L, 12-5) 8.0 IP 2H 2R 2ER 1BB 5SO 1HR 2.96ERA. With eight innings pitched on the losing side, he gets a complete game, his third of 2005.

On the other side, Brad Penny had a good game of his own, only allowing one earned run, and allowing ten hits, and no walks. That is how baseball is!

To take a trip down memory lane, Pedro almost had the first extra innings perfect game in history, on June 3rd, 1995. In San Diego, Pedro retired the first 27 batters, and then gave up a double to the 28th, Bip Roberts. Once again, this was Pedro as a Montreal Expo. Check out the box score from that game here.

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