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Friday, August 05, 2005

The hottest teams.

No surprises that Boston has now won 8 straight ballgames, making them the hottest team in baseball right now. It was however a surprise that the second hottest team was the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I say was because (whew, that doesn't sound right!) I was planning on writing this sooner, while they were still streaking, but they have since lost. Prior to tonight's loss, they had won 6 straight! Now, yes after tonight's loss, with a record of 14-6 since the All Star Break! They also had won 3 straight, and then 4 straight before this 6 game streak came to a close. 7-3 for their last 10. Sounds like the streaking Yankees from the first half! Only 19.5 games behind for the AL wildcard, I say only, although in the AL East that is still a huge number, especially when you are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays! But two full months till the season is over, chipping away, it would be possible. I sound like a Devil Rays fan. Truth is I am not, although I do root for underdogs, however I am only pointing this out, since I thought it was worth pointing out being that they were the second hottest team in baseball. Like when fans say "how about them 'insert some team that normally isn't good that is doing well now here'"! So if any Devil Rays fans read this, ones that remain positive, I am sure they'll be happy to read it! Alright, enough rambling, I think that is my first case of blog rambling, but I am guessing in the blog world it happens a lot!

To end this post with a Simpsons reference, from a recent episode, "Future Drama", Professor John Frink: "Astrology used to be the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of all sciences. Not so very good". Said only the way he could!

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