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Monday, August 15, 2005

Around the league.

Rafael Palmeiro made his return to the lineup yesterday. Although he could have played in the first two games against Toronto, as well as the finale against Tampa Bay. His reason being he did not participate in baseball activities in those ten days, so he had to prepare to start playing again. Palmeiro was greeted by predominantly boos, for his first at bat, although I am pretty sure I did hear some cheering in there. This was at home. I'm sure he'll receive many more boos at Oakland today!

Speaking of Bronx cheers, Kenny Rogers will more than likely be booed again with his second start back since his suspension was cut short to 13 games, from 20. For once I agreed with Bud Selig, thinking he definitely should not have had his suspension cut short. This is where the arbitrator should be booed. It wasn't within Kenny Rogers' control that his suspension was cut short, that I know of, maybe his agent had a say. All of the slow appealing may have helped too. Anyway, regardless of serving only 13 games, I am sure he still would have been booed if his suspension was not cut short. So his second start back will be in Cleveland, versus C.C. Sabathia. It would have been interesting if he made a start in New York. Then Boston and NY fans could have agreed on booing him! Should also be interesting to see if Cleveland's booing affects his pitching. Or maybe if he just plain doesn't pitch well like his Boston start.

Speaking of baseball players with the same name as singers (how's that for a segue way!), Corey Hart hit his first major league hit today in Milwaukee against the Reds, and it happened to be a home run at that! Check out his player page. And eventually when they post it, said homer will be viewable. He started in center field, and went 1 for 4. He was recalled from Triple-A Nashville on the 13th.

Now, as far as some plays go, Placido Polanco, the former Philly, turned a nice double play. A high chopper that right after its second hop ricocheted perfectly off of former Blue Jay John McDonald to Polanco, where he caught it just as he got on the bag, and threw to first. Since it hit McDonald, it went 6 to 4 to 3. Had McDonald been able to field it, they may have only got the out at second, since in between hops can be hard to field properly. Here is Placido Polanco's media page, where the play should be posted, if not, here is the Detroit Multimedia Guide, and just get to the top plays for August 14th.

Jose Vidro had a nice juggling catch, the kind where a player loses it, and still manages to catch it.

Former Montreal Expo Kirk Rueter was activated from the 15 day DL and designated for assignment by San Francisco. He got his start in Montreal, playing from July 7th, 1993 until July 15th, 1996, and was traded to San Francisco July 30th, 1996 for Mark
Leiter. SF also received Tim Scott in the deal.

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