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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Surprisingly, Vlad still one shy of 300!

So, I wasn't able to see the first two games of Boston versus Los Angeles. Although today and tomorrow I will be able to see them again. And as the title says, Vladimir Guerrero surprisingly hasn't hit number 300 yet. That makes five games without a homer. After hitting seven in the first half of August, it is understandable though. I still think he is due. Plus hitting them at home would be nice. I'll be watching on FOX, which I don't mind, unlike some. I find the Joe Buck, and Tim McCarver duo a little annoying, luckily they'll be doing the St. Louis game, so there'll be other play by play guys. To add some additional information to this post, the Angels won the first game, 13-4, and Boston won yesterday, 4-3 in 10 innings. Today Bronson Arroyo pitches versus Ervin Santana. Should be a pretty good matchup, and their win loss records are very close, Boston at 70-50, L.A. has two more losses.

Now, had baseball, etc. (Selig, Loria...) not messed up baseball in Montreal, which was a great baseball town in the past, we should be watching Vlad hit home run number 300 in a downtown Montreal ballpark, just behind the Bell Centre, with a nice view of the tall buildings of downtown! Instead, condos are going up in the lot! Bah, to condos, especially those ones!

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